Saturday, 17 August 2013

Poodle Fun Day 2013

Last weekend was a slightly different weekend with the dogs.  Instead of agility we went to the Poodle Fun Day 2013.  This was just a fun day conceived by Sue Hunt, Lynne Land, Celia Bell and Patricia Wheeler (and I'm sure many others had a major input) to raise money for the Poodle Rescue UK.
Group photo
The day was designed just to be a bit of fun.  There we people from all over the place, mainly with poodles of all shapes and sizes.  There were probably over 50 poodles there, it was a bit mad!  We started the day with coffee and bacon and a bit of mingling.  There was an activities ring that had agility, egg and spoon race and temptation alley.
Susi and Doople in deep preparation mode
The agility was just a simple course (by agility standards) that people could have a go at.  There were people who had never done agility before just having a go running over jumps.  There was a competition for those who must compete, like me!  All our dogs had a go and all enjoyed.  Me and Doople won the class.  They were all a little excited as they'd been in a cage next to the ring for a while watching what was going on.

Zazu flying over agility jumps
There was an egg and spoon race which pitted two people and dogs against each other in a knockout competition.  One of the races was me with Shadow versus +Susi Cooper with Zazu, family rivalry!  Naturally I won.  Me and Shadow finished second beaten only in the final.
Greg and Shadow in the final of the egg and spoon race
This was followed by Temptation Alley, which involves running with your dog past four plates with some sausage on, round a post, and back again with the dog eating the sausages on the way back.  It was good fun to watch.  I especially liked Sue Hunt's black labrador who would run past a plate, then go back and eat the sausage, run past the next plate and go back to eat the sausage, etc.  Shadow caught the scent about half way up so I had to encourage her to the end, and then encourage her to eat as she was still following her nose.  Susi and Doople were really good, charging to the end and scoffing on the way back to win.
Winnie trying to find the sausage
There were also some fun showing classes, like best puppy, best dog, best bitch.  There were also some other games, like musical 'sits' where the dog has to sit when the music stops.  Last one to sit is out.  And don't forget the fancy dress competition!  It was a great day out that we all thoroughly enjoyed.  The dogs all had a good time and everyone went home home exhausted, not to mention raising a lot of money for charity.

Winner of the fancy dress competition
Here is a link to the photo album contain Around 1000 photos of the day:

Poodle Fun Day 2013 Photo Album