Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Milton Keynes DTC - June

We had a nice quiet weekend this time. Shadow was lame and Winnie wasn't entered, so we just drove round the corner with Doople at grade 5 and Zazu at grade 3. It was great being only 20 minutes away as we could decide when we'd had enough and go home easily.

Susi and Zazu in serious preparation
Doople ran first in graded 5-7 jumping. She had a great run and really enjoying it. She was driving forward and listening well. We were a little wide out of the tunnel though. We did however end up winning the class! It's been a while since Doople won a class. She now needs only one more agility win to advance to grade 6. Her other run on Saturday was graded 5-7 agility. She again ran really well even tough it was a long course with two sets of 12 weaves and a course time of 65 seconds! Doople kept her 100% record for the day and won the class! This moves her into grade 6 now. While we were pleased to win, we're not sure how well Doople will compare against other grade 6 dogs, but we can do all of the course well.

Sunday wasn't quite as successful. In the 5-7 jumping Doople didn't have much drive, perhaps she was tired. She got going a bit towards the end. We had a refusal on one of the jumps. In the 5-7 agility was better but again lacking a little bit compared to Saturday. We messed the weave entry but were pleased overall.

Zazu only had 3-4 jumping on Saturday. He ran the course really nicely with a bit more drive than he has had in the past. He still isn't there on the weaves either. Sunday was a lovely flowing course that he going in well. I could control him from a distance while moving into position. In the agility he got all of his contacts. The dog walk end was a bit slow, but the A-frame was brilliant. I pulled him off a tunnel under the A-frame but we were OK second time.

We were really pleased with both of them over the weekend. I think it helps to have less to do and spend more time doing it. Congratulations to Doople for getting into grade 6, party time now!

Greg and Zazu after a hard day's work