Monday, 10 February 2014

Pachesham Grade 1-5 - February

We were at Pachesham for the final time this winter for the grade 1-5 show. We took Doople at grade 5 and Zazu at grade 3. We were very fortunate with the weather considering the flooding in other parts of the country. No rain, clear sky and a lot of wind!
Wax on, wax off
Zazu was up first in the jumping. I had to cross behind the tunnel and he came out looking the wrong way, which is something we need to train. He ran well still, even though I was slow on the turns. He was happy in the run and we ended up in 5th place. Next up was the agility. He drove into the tunnels nicely and I could layer a jump with him still going. He stopped to look at the judge on the A-frame but came down well. The only downside was the weave entry which was at an angle. He went round the first pole well but went in the second weave. This again is something to practice. Next was the steeplechase. I started a long way to the side of the first jump, sent him into the tunnel and picked him up for a blind cross between the next two jumps. He was running quite nicely all the way round, still enjoying it. We ended up in 8th place. Finally we had the second agility. round. He started by running at +Susi Cooper but carried on. He had a really good A-frame, driving down to the end. A good drive again, especially for his fourth run. We ended up in 4th place.

Doople only had two runs. Her first run was the jumping. She was really running well until Susi got in her way on a turn. This stopped her and she had the next pole down.  A good run though and finished in 6th place. Her final run was the first agility round. She slowed up a little during the run, perhaps because of the lighting. She managed the tricky weave entry, stopped to look at Susi, then carried on, and finished in 3rd place.

It was another fun day. We have a few things to train with Zazu but we were really pleased with how he's coming along. Not many more winter shows left now and then we're back outside camping again.