Friday, 30 May 2014

Orchard Agility Unaffiliated Show

Only a few weeks late but never mind! We decided to have a quite weekend so we went to the Orchard Agility unaffiliated show as it is only 30 mins away. We really went to this show to give Zazu some more experience in a relaxed environment. We ran Zazu at grade 3, Shadow at grade 6, Doople at grade 5 and Winnie in anysize.

Spoiler: Zazu looking proud with his Saturday rosettes
Zazu wasn't too keen on parts of the agility ring as there were a lot of thistles on the ground. He was hoping around at times, which was funny to watch if ineffective. He had two agility rounds and a jumping round His contact on all of his rounds were really good. We still need a little more drive but he was running all the way down. The weaves were all a little slow but again we need more practice. He got distracted in the jumping round and ran off in the other direction but he was still enjoying him self. He was eliminated in the jumping, got a 2nd in the 1-3 agility and a 1st in the 1-5 agility. We were really pleased as this was his first win. It also means he qualified fr the Embroidery Shop medium 1-5 final in August. Shadow won this event in 2012, so he has a lot to live up to.

On the Sunday, his contacts were still good in the agility round and I decided to hold him a little longer on them. He decided to sit at the top of the A-frame once though, I guess the view was good! He was starting to tire a little, more mentally than physically. We still managed a clear round in the steeplechase and a 3rd place in the agility.

Shadow started the weekend in the steeplechase, and it took her a while to wake up. She just sort of wandered around the first ten jump, then realised what we were doing and sped up! She ran much better in the jumping class and finished 2nd, a few seconds off the winner. The agility was going well until the contact equipment when she just flew off everything.

Sunday started much better as she won the steeplechase this time. The class ended with a full poodle podium! She also did really well in the jumping class where she finished 2nd. The agility run is probably best forgotten, she missed all her contacts again and also wandered off half way through to find Susi. Still it was a fun weekend with her.

Doople has started losing a lot of her drive at shows, particularly when it's warm. It's still there sometimes, particularly when Susi runs her, but I had the privilege for most of the weekend. She started really well in the jumping class and finished 3rd with Shadow only a few seconds faster. We got faults on the dog walk in the first agility class and eliminated in the second. She wasn't running as well for these as they were later in the day.

She was lagging a bit in the jumping on Sunday, we missed a jump and got eliminated. +Susi Cooper ran her in the first agility run and she went much better. She's more used to running with Susi. They went round really well and finished in 3rd place.

Winnie was entered in the anysize jumping at small height (350mm), one on each day. On Saturday she ran quite well and looked like she enjoyed it. She always enjoys herself when she comes out round the rings at least. Sunday was a bit different as it took a bit of effort to get her out of the caravan! She started slowly but picked when she got to the tunnels.

The weekend was mainly about training Zazu and we accomplished quite a lot. Zazu got his first win and qualified for a final in August. It was a good, relaxing weekend, even with all the thistles!

Relaxing after a hard day