Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Barking Mad Summer Show

We were at our previous club's, Barking Mad, summer show this weekend.  We said we would help out so we ended up being very busy all weekend.  The show went very smoothly and swiftly so it was definitely worth it.  We had Zazu running in his first proper classes at grade 3, Doople at grade 4 for the last time (at grade 4), Shadow at grade 6 and Winnie doing anysize.

Shadow was up first in grade 6-7 jumping.  Shadow got off to a flying start, she was really motoring.  I pulled her between two jumps nicely and round the jump.  She flew into the weaves but missed the last pole.  The pull through slalom was a bit much for her as she was still excited.  I should have run the other way, pushing her away through the gaps.  Next up was graded 6-7 agility.  We started with a large box which we negotiated well.  The weave entry was tricky but we managed, albeit slowly picking up pace as she went.  A lovely running contact at the end which she was doing well all weekend.  We ended up 1st!  This was our third win at grade 6 so we only need one more to go up to grade 7.  Next was graded 1-7 agility.  This was a little simpler than before but a similar course.  Shadow started a bit slow but was flying out of the first tunnel and up the dog walk, another lovely running contact.  She was listening well and I was really pleased with the round.  We finished 2nd, 0.019s behind first place! Ouch!  Finally we had combined grade 5-7 jumping.  Shadow was getting a little tired but was still running well.  Until the weaves.  She got a smell of something at the start and lost concentration the whole way through, basically walking.  She missed the last couple of weaves but ran OK afterwards.

Sunday was a very busy day as we were helping on a ring for most of the day.  We started off running in the Jewlnick Agility Pairs with +Susi Cooper and Doople.  Both dogs ran really well over the agility course and we ended up 5th, which is great considering that all heights are classified together.  Sorry to Ruth and Alan as they finished 6th, but placings only went to 5th!  Shadow's first individual run was graded 1-7 jumping.  She started a little slowly but picked up.  She was running away from me really well and I could get into different positions than a lot of people, which I think gained me a lot of time.  We then lost it all with a wide turn but nevermind!  We finished out of the placings but only 0.7s behind the winner.  Next was graded 6-7 jumping.  Shadow started quite slowly but it was because Susi was standing at the side of the ring filming.  Shadow was looking at her as we ran past, then we came back past again with Shadow still looking.  She was still running away nicely so we had some good bits.  Next was combined grade 5-7 agility.  She was a bit slow through the weaves and almost went in the wrong side of the tunnel, but carried on.  I messed up after the A-frame and got on the wrong side of her but still worked her from behind and it wasn't that slow in the end.  Another good runing contact and a clear round, but no placing.  Shadow finished up with graded 6-7 agility.  This was a very fast course so we weren't too hopeful, but still ran it well.  We had a dog-walk jump to finish, which is something that we miss every time!  I worked the contact extra hard to make sure we got , which she did.  I worked it a little too well though and she stopped at the bottom looking at me rather than running!  We did finish 2nd though so it rounded off a really strong weekend for us.

Doople's first run of the weekend was graded 3-5 jumping.  She backed jumped the third jump and then was running quite steadily.  There were some long straight lines but she could have run faster.  It was a warm day and as we already know, Doople doesn't like the heat.  Next up I ran her in the combined grade 1-4 jumping.  She was again quite steady and not driving like she does at training.  She missed the weaves like she often does in the heat.  She thinks that the weaves involve too much thinking so can't really be bothered.  Finally she had graded 3-5 agility.  She ran better here but again messed up the weaves.

Her first run on Sunday was in the pairs agility with Shadow where they ended up in 5th place.  Next up was the graded 3-5 agility.  She ran this one very nicely, still a little slow but with nice tight turns.  She ended with a clear round.  I ran ran her next in the graded 3-5 jumping.  She ran at a good pace, not quickly but steady.  She had good tight turns and managed the weaves again.  We ended up with a clear round.  Doople finished the weekend with combined grade 1-4 agility.  This was a very long fast course, not really Doople's cup of tea.  she did manage it all the way round until the dog walk jump to finish Susi didn't work the contact and Doople jumped it!  Ah well, still a steady round.

Winnie was running at anysize this weekend to help build her confidence.  She was running over small jumps.  Saturday's run started slowly but she still did everything.  After a couple of tunnels she picked up the pace and finished down the final straight nicely.  On Sunday again she started her run a bit steadily picking up in the middle.  She wasn't keen when I asked her to turn but when quickly down the final stretch again.  We'll be keeping her at anysize for a while until she's really going for it all the way around.  As long as she's enjoying it then we're happy.

Zazu was running in his first proper height (medium) classes this weekend.  He was only in one jumping class each day just to see how he gets on.  On Saturday, he started down the open stretch nicely and into the two tunnels.  We did a couple more jumps then he saw the tunnels again and was off!  After a couple of attempts I got him back over the jumps and we finished well.  He's starting to flatten out when jumping, especially when running straight and chasing me.  On Sunday, the course was a little trickier with 12 weaves.  He got a little distracted by the scorers tent but didn't run off.  He picked the weaves up second time, managed half and the second half.  He ran out well after the tunnel but didn't quite make it back in for the jump, but still really pleased with how he ran.

We have a few weeks off now with a wedding and other things.  One more show at Letchworth and then off the Hungary for the International Mixedbreed Championship Agility.