Wednesday, 22 January 2014

RVA Indoor Show - January

This weekend we were at the RVA pay-on-the-day show. We only took Zazu at grade 3 and Doople at grade 5. Shadow is still sore from injuring herself last week so we left her at home. It was a cold but clear day. The venue had improved yet again, so it felt much warmer indoors.

Doople was up first with +Susi Cooper in the grade 4-7 jumping. Doople was running quite nicely. Susi got in her way a couple of times though, not giving her space before the weaves and stepping in too much on the slalom. It wasn't awful though. Next up after a long wait was the grade 1-7 steeplechase. This was just a bit of fun as Doople isn't very fast in a straight line. They completed it well and both enjoyed it. Finally was the grade 4-7 agility. This was quite a tricky course but they both managed it well. Susi was practising Ketschker turns and it wasn't bad, Doople didn't fully understand though so more practice required. Doople did miss her dog-walk contact though!

Zazu ran in the grade 1-3 jumping first. As normal for his first run he was really excited. We had a good start up to the tunnel and a Ketschker turn into the weaves. He charged in barking at me but missed the final weave. A shame but happy that he was moving. I pulled him off a couple of jumps by turning too soon but he was listening and running well. Next was grade 1-3 agility. He had lost some of his forward drive but still stopped on his contacts. He started creeping down which is not great, but he still stopped. His second A-frame was much better. Finally we had grade 1-7 steeplechase. We managed it well and he was moving a bit at least.

It was a good day with lots to practice. Zazu is starting to enjoy it more and more each time. Hopefully by the summer he will be running much better.