Sunday, 27 January 2013

RVA Indoor Show

The snow has suddenly melted and left us with floods and puddles everywhere.  Throw in some rain and it's ideal weather to go to an agility show!  We were back at the RVA unaffiliated indoor show at Houghton Hall EC, Huntingdon.  I was running Shadow (small G6), Storm (large G3) and Winnie (medium anysize), whilst +Susi Cooper was running Doople (small G3) and for the first time Zazu (micro anysize).

Winnie was our first individual run of the day in anysize agility.  She had a good time running over jumps, contacts and tunnels.  Towards the end she got a little distracted which is down to lack of mental stamina.  When she gets tired she looks for excuses not to run usually by shaking or wandering.  Once back on track she finished nicely.  The jumping afterwards was again a little distracted but she managed to focus all the way round for a clear round, but no placings for Winnie this time out.

Storm had all of her runs fairly close together in the middle of the day.  We started with grade 1-3 jumping.  This was a tricky course for 1-3, but it gave us some good challenges to over come, including a six jump kinked slalom.  We almost managed the whole thing but I turned and stepped too soon and Storm followed.  It was a shame because the rest of the round was really nice.  I was especially pleased with the weaves as the entry was very offset from the jump (the video doesn't do the difficulty justice).  In the grade 1-3 agility Strom leapt the contacts.  It is becoming a habit that we need to try to break.  The grade 1-7 steeplechase was Storm's last run and it was good to end on a blast.  Storm was running very well but coming out of the tunnel towards the end was too tempted by the jump in front of her to follow me.  I should have been closer to the exit of the tunnel and stationary to turn her better.

We decided to run Zazu in the anysize jumping over micro heights.  This was Zazu's first ever run at a competition so we weren't sure what to expect.  He ran very well.  At training he still bunny hops jumps (see the last post on his training class) but at the show he ran forward a bit better.  He picked up the tunnels well and generally paid a lot of attention.  At this stage it was about as good as we could have hoped for.

Shadow had a good days running but only ended up with a clear in the team event, more on that later.  Shadow ran in the pairs with Doople and wasn't great.  The grade 6-7 jumping was a good course where Shadow ran really well.  Unfortunately I wasn't as sharp.  I didn't turn my shoulders or feet back during a pull through slalom so Shadow ran it as a normal slalom.  This is highlighted in the video.  The grade 6-7 agility was good, a little distracted going into the weaves but I could have straightened her more after the turn.  We had trouble going into the wrong end of the tunnel, although as I had the sun in my eyes I couldn't see what we were actually doing.  I know, excuses excuses!

In contrast to the others, Doople had a very good and successful day.  Doople ran clear in both the pairs and teams.  In the grade 1-3 jumping Doople ran very well.  She was really going for it.  The same goes for the grade 1-3 agility too.  The fruits of +Susi Cooper and Doople's labour was a 3rd in the agility and 2nd in the jumping, which is brilliant.

We also ran in pairs and team events.  Doople and Shadow ran in the pairs.  Doople went first and ran the jumping course with Shadow second round the agility course.  Doople ran a nice clear round but Shadow got a little distracted with Susi and Doople running back towards her.  I went to run at the start and Shdaw ran the opposite direction straight towards Susi.  I got her back and we ran, but we now know that Shadow runs best before Susi and Doople.

In the team event we had me and Shadow, Susi and Doople, Wendy and Mist and another (I've forgotten her name unfortunately!).  Although we were quite steady we all went clear, which is an achievement in it self with four dogs running.  As it turned out, we won!

That leaves Doople with a 3rd, 2nd and 1st at the show!  We can't ask for much more than that.  Shadow had a first in the team and the rest of the runs were left wanting.